Sasha remixes Pole Folder’s new single Hate Myself

RELEASE DATE – Digital 2nd November / Vinyl 9th November

  Pole Folder returns to the fold with his latest single from his La Tour label, Hate Myself. which has been remixed by the master himself, Sasha.

To those with even the most passing of interests in dance music, Sasha needs no introduction. Few of his peers can match his outstanding contributions driving electronic music forward or claim such a dedicated army of fans – both of which have ensured his consistent presence amongst the world’s Top 10 DJs for the past decade.

Sasha’s remix is true testament to his legendary status, lending his perfect ear to add a beauty and timelessness to Pole Folder’s already faultless original. Hate Myself is not your traditional peak-time hit, but with Sasha already testing it out on the road, it seems to be working as his current dancefloor destroyer!

In trademark Pole Folder style Hate Myself has a melancholic vibe, which Sasha then merges with an intense bassline, and intertwines noodly, scratchy overlays. The surreal chanting vocal staggers in and out, while the driving bassline, the sudden clanging, and the ominous, disjointed sounds all seem to merge to form a fluid cacophony of sound. Pole Folder says “Since I discovered Sasha through Northern Exposure 1 he has continued to blow me away… Having Sasha do a remix for La Tour is a dream come true for me.”

Hate Myself will be La Tour’s 5th release this year, and is the perfect single to cement their reputation as one of the best up and coming labels of 2009. Pole Folder is currently locked in his ‘80Hz’ studio writing his second album "The Helsinki Accord”, due for release winter 2009. This will feature the original of Hate Myself.


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