Derrick Carter headlines Sankeys Carnival

Derrick Carter, a true pioneer of the Jack, coincides with Get Physical tech house star DJ T for a slick carnival episode.

His skills are flawless, his productions are innovative and he certainly knows how to rock a crowd. Derrick Carter returns to Manchester this weekend to deliver a masterclass performance to the Sankeys basement. Often cited as a pioneer of Chicago House, his influence on the industry is immeasurable. He is a house music connoisseur and a man with an impeccable record selection. Rare grooves and special vocal surprises are trademarks of his devastating mammoth sets. 

 As a founder of the highly respected Get Physical record label and revered Monza club night, DJ T has broadcast his Berlin sound to crowds worldwide and is eagerly welcomed to perform at Sankeys. Addicted to the black wax since age 9, he has established his sets as invariably stirring and extraordinarily varied spectacles. He is a bass and groove-addicted club historian with a firm grasp of the contemporary scene through his work in every aspect of the modern scene.

 Catch these two musical geniuses in action this Saturday as Kaluki once again curates a night of the finest electronica for your pleasure.

 Also catch Rayon Vert who host Spektrum after holding successful nights at Manchester hotspots including The Roadhouse and Noho.


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